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A global payroll solution for the world of people you have to pay

For businesses with thousands of employees, getting payroll right isn’t easy. Every nation brings its own rules, regulations, banking systems, and compliance challenges. Multiply that across a global footprint and the complexity is clear.

ADP's cloud-based GlobalView Payroll platform makes it easier to run global payroll by using a single system of record to unify employee data around the world while accommodating local payroll rules to run compliant payroll.

ADP GlobalView Payroll gives you:

Reduced cost of administration by maintaining a single global payroll vendor.

The confidence of accessing accurate employee data in all of your countries globally.

Access to 3,000+ compliance and payroll professionals to cover payroll compliance obligations globally.

A personalised and intuitive online experience for your Employees to explore their pay information.

ADP GlobalView® Payroll Features and Benefits

Extend your reach with leading global technology and local expertise

Simplified and intuitive global payroll solution designed to meet the varying needs of your multinational organisation's payment schedules. Our experts manage relationships with local authorities, like tax agencies, and monitor changes and implement the new regulations.

With ADP GlobalView Payroll you can process the payroll yourself while still getting ADP’s fully hosted and maintained technology, or you can rely on ADP to run your payroll, allowing you to outsource your ‘back office’ payroll functions to ADP experts.

ADP GlobalView Payroll can also be combined with ADP Celergo for your smaller subsidiaries to extend payroll in up to 140 countries.

ADP, a global compliance expert

Complying with fast-changing local regulations, when you're working with inaccurate data across a global workforce, may lead to potential regulatory penalties. As part of the ADP GlobalView Payroll service we deliver timely payroll-related legislative bulletins to our clients. Whenever the legislation is not straightforward, we work closely with you as to how the changes will materially affect your payroll operations.

Benefit from ADP’s pre-built integrations with popular HCM systems

ADP delivers simple system integration to connect your employee information in your HR systems with ADP global payroll solutions, to process a compliant payroll smoothly and efficiently. We continue to invest in integrations with leading HCM vendors to enhance our HR connectors offering. We also offer standard integrations between ADP GlobalView Payroll and our own workforce management solutions.

You can't manage what you aren't measuring

Payroll is such a crucial part of controlling your staffing expenses, overhead costs, and profit margin. With ADP GlobalView's reporting tools in the cloud, you can optimise these costs and make informed decisions with the confidence that comes from real-time employee data. You can access a variety of standard reports using ADP GlobalView Reporting, helping your HR, payroll and finance teams easily identify employee data and cost trends. ADP Global Insight Dashboard analytics tool also allows you to easily create ad-hoc reports to gain specific insights into your employee data.

Self-service portal

With a user-engaging interface, ADP GlobalView Payroll's interactive portal provides highly configurable features to fully control the portal’s language and apply your brand's messaging and design. What’s more, it requires very little time and effort to set up. Mobile and portal applications are localised based on country requirements.

All of your payslips will be delivered via ADP self-service portal enabling your employees to have an interactive experience with their pay, delivering configurable alerts, notifications, contextual help, and the ability to compare and explore pay details in a granular level over time.

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ADP – Employee Self-Service

Put employees and HR administrators in complete control of your global HR and payroll activities with highly configurable features and a modern interactive pay experience.

Better integrated data means better-informed decisions

As part of the ADP GlobalView Payroll solution, the data from your payroll system can be easily included in your enterprise-wide HR analytics and reporting. Using our standard integrations from ADP Global HR Connectors, you can combine HR information from top enterprise HCM solutions for talent management, HR administration, and Time & Attendance – your payroll data becomes a powerful strategic tool for understanding costs, projecting needs and planning for growth.

Support throughout implementation and beyond

With ADP GlobalView Payroll you gain much more than technology. You gain a partnership with ADP’s centralised implementation service team as well as an ongoing training program all from a single vendor.

An exclusive templated technique for optimal implementation

With our 70 years’ history in serving hundreds of thousands of payroll clients, ADP’s implementation methodology is tried and tested. No matter how complex a configuration you may need, ADP experts will help you simplify and streamline your processes to run a consistently compliant payroll.

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